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Empowered. Inspired. Fitness.

Asantewaa Fitness & Wellness 

At Asantewaa Fitness, we embody who we are. The historical context of our name means strong warrior woman, specifically referencing an African queen who led her tribe to war. Similarly, we are fearless, powerful leaders yet boldly delicate and beautiful. No matter where you are on your wellness journey, our goal is to support you in taking your health into your own hands. 


Our classes include core focus areas and total body strengthening, where we use a combination of bodyweight and dumbbells while incorporating yoga and stretching. In each workout session, you will experience uplifting energy and affirming words as we customize fitness and wellness goals unique and specific to you. We even have short 30-min workouts to accommodate our busy warrior women on a tight schedule. We help you on your goals to exercise more, weight loss, and improving your health. 

Strong Woman
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